North Face

North Face is a 1-4 Players, Euro action programming game, with simple mechanics, but deep decisions each turn.

It’s a climbing game, in which you must both build the Mountain, and place Climbers into their Goals.

The way you create the Mountain is really important: each turn the Sherpa will descend your Mountain, following one of the multiple paths to reach the bottom, and activating all the actions on the selected path.

Depending on the path you take, each turn you will decide if you want to draw a card or to add one to your Mountain, if you want to gain red or blue Climbers, if you want to move them vertically or horizontally... The longer the path, the more actions you will do on a single turn.

By the end of the game, you want to have as many Climbers in their positions as possible, but you will have to prioritize. Each game will have different scoring criteria, so getting the Climbers as high in the Mountain as possible might be really important in a game, while filling the Goals with Green and Yellow Climbers might be the key in the next one.

2 Player game of North Face
Key features

Action Programming: Create the paths your Sherpa can use to activate the actions you will do each turn.

- Different Scoring conditions each game, so the focus of the game changes, keeping it fresh each time.

- Simple Rules, that create a complex gameplay, with many meaningful decisions to take each turn.

Solo Playthrough (+ Game Rules)

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