Frost is a 1-5 players, cooperative deckbuilding survival game, in which you have to build a boat to escape a desert island, before wild animals, hunger or cold end with you.

In Frost, each player will control a Character with unique abilities, with the goal of escaping one of the many Islands in the game. You will have to explore the Island, collect resources, fight wild animals, and build the tools you need to survive. Your goal is to build a boat and escape before the time runs out, but you will also have to make sure you have enough food and wood to survive the next day.

There are many different Islands to escape from, each one with unique mechanics that will change your priorities. And even if you replay the same Island twice, it will be randomized with different tiles, cards and events, so the experience will be completely new.

Frost is a deckbuilder with a single deck. All players, and even the wild animals of the Island will use the same deck, so any card you add or remove from the deck will have a big impact on the game.

I want to illustrate this one, but it will take a good while, as it has hundreds of cards. The image shows a small preview of the style I’m going for.

Key features

- Tactical gameplay, with many options each turn, that will require the cooperation from all players in order to succeed.

- Infinite replayability, with many different Islands with unique effects, random events, hundreds of cards to build your deck with, and different difficulty levels.

- Multiple characters with asymmetric powers, each one with unique abilities that change the game experience.

- Mixed Deckbuilding and Crafting systems, which will create a unique deck each game that all players, and even the enemies, will use. 

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