Industrial Revolution!

Build a Flamethrower while bugging your friends!
(In fact, forget the Flamethrower, I can destroy you all with this card instead)

Trailer (Provisional) - 1:15

Welcome to your new job! With everything a modern factory needs: workers, resources, conveyor belts, dices, cards…

In order to win, you just have to collect 3 parts from the board with your workers, and bring them to your workshop to build The Flamethrower. Easy, right?... oooh, how obvious it is you’ve never worked in our factory before…

When you think you are about to win, your “friends” will notice you, so be ready for them to Bribe your workers, send a Crook to pillage your workshop or to be blocked with the fearsome Wet Floor Sign.
But don’t despair, you can counterattack sending your opponents on a Holiday, equipping yourself with a Pogo Stick, or, naturally, shooting a worker with a Circus Cannon. We are in a factory after all.

Anything you can imagine, we’ve probably already imagined, but in an evil way. At least, we know there won’t be any Spies in the factory. Oh, wait… there are.

Industrial Revolution! is a game for 2-4 players that mixes strategy, overpowered cards and absurdity in equal proportions, creating games so thrilling you won’t want to get up from the chair, not even to go pee (based on actual events).

3D Render of the game board and components.

Prototipe - Close Up

Check the video below to learn how to play!

How to Play (Provisional) - 3:43

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