18 Cuts

I've done this game as an entry for the 18 Card Challenge, which consist in designing an 18 card Legacy game: https://buttonshygames.com/blogs/news-1/the-18-card-challenge-design-an-18-card-legacy-game

18 Cuts can be played either as a Solo, or a 2-player co-op/competitive game. Your Goal is to stack a certain amount of Cards into a certain amount of Piles. In a 2-player game, your Goal is secret, and might or might not be the same for both players, so you will have to discover if you are collaborating or competing as you play.

On your turn, you must play the top card on your deck, next to at least one of the cards on the table. Placement is very important, as you will then be able to activate the power of a card on the table, as long as there are enough corners on the adjacent cards of the required color. Those card powers will, amongst other things, let you move cards, so that will be the way to stack cards. Also, moving cards will let you activate extra powers, so you can create powerful combos if you plan ahead.

One of the card powers will let you cut corners of cards. Those corners can then be used as a gameplay element, as you will be able to collect them, and use them to activate extra powers on your turn. On the other hand, the cards with cut corners will make it harder to activate powers when placing cards, so deciding when and what to cut will be really important, as it will have an impact on all your future games.

Solo game example
 Key features

Cutting card corners, and using those corner slices as a resource on all your subsequent games.

- Simple rules but deep strategic gameplay. You will have to carefully plan ahead your movements, so you can reach activate multiple powers each turn.

- Secret goals in 2 player games. Make sure you discover your opponent's intentions as soon as possible, to know if you are cooperating or competing.

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