Dungeons, Inc.

Heroes love exploring Dungeons, fighting creatures, and claiming all the Loot. But somebody must breed, train and carry those creatures into the Dungeon, and your company wants to be the best. Make the Heroes enjoy your Dungeon, and they will give you “Likes” in exchange, so you can climb to the top of this industry (at least in social media, which is all that matters, nowadays).

Dungeons, Inc., is a 1-5 players, mid-Euro engine building game about breeding and training creatures to populate your Dungeon.

You will try to fill your Dungeon with the creatures you breed, also adding some Bosses and Traps to the mix, so you can impress as many Heroes as possible. You will create a powerful engine on each Chamber of your dungeon, and the more Creatures you add to a Chamber, the more rewards you will get. Choosing what Creatures to get and how to train them will be crucial, as you will have to balance between getting the combos you want, and fulfilling the Heroes expectations.

While you will be competing against your opponent’s Dungeons, you will share efforts in order to make Workshops more powerful, which will allow all players involved to better train their Creatures. Be aware of what the other players are doing, so you can use the opportunities they will create for you.

Blue Player's Dungeon (Graphics are Prototype)
Key features

- Multiple-Engines Building with many combo opportunities and though decisions, balancing between trying to get the most of the engine and improving the chances of attracting Heroes.

- Cooperative resource system, in which the combined effort of several players will create opportunities for both you and your opponents.

- Double sided cards, with both sides of all cards being used in different parts of the game. An action as simple as drawing a card, can create new opportunities for all players.

To Know More

You can read the Rulebook here


Solo Playthrough

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