Gods Will Decide

Greek Gods are in a competition, to get the most Offerings from their followers. But following strict rules, even in a competition, bores the Gods. Fortunately, their power is so big, they can change the game rules as they wish.

Gods will Decide is a 2-5 players, Euro game, in which players decide how the game is played.
Each round, 2 players will both choose the allowed actions, and the consequences of those actions, so the rules of the game will constantly change.
The game will feel very different each round, as you might add Farmers and Play Cards on round 1, while you will Roll the Dice and Move Hoplites on the next one. You will do those actions in order to get rewards, such as getting Resources, Trading, Gaining Priests, Building the Oracle... But those rewards will also change from round to round, as players add new rules.

Gods will Decide is a tactical game, in which you will have to take advantage of the opportunities that arise each turn, trying to get the most of the current situation, before it changes to something completely different.

I hope you like pentagons, because this game is full of them.
 Key features

10 different action selection Mechanisms, that you can adapt to your needs.

- Changing Rules. Every round will be different, with new actions to do, rewards for doing those actions, and Tasks to score Offerings.

- Tactical and strategic gameplay. Adapt to the situation and make the most of it each turn, but don’t forget your long term goals and plan ahead so you are ready for the changes to come.

- Pentagons. Probably the game with the most pentagons ever created.

Game Overview

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