Game Design Rules #0: Presentation

Industrial Revolution! has obviously evolved a lot since its first iteration, as each test gave me new information about how to improve the game. No matter how good anything seemed in my head, it had to be extensively tested. Many systems have changed and even disappeared, and new rules have been created in the process.

I’ve been designing games since I was a kid (though those weren’t really good ones…), and I’ve upgraded my skills till I made that hobby my profession. I’m passionate about Game Design (it doesn’t matter if board games or videogames) and I’m always willing to talk about it.

I thought it could be interesting to start a blog, using the process of creating “Industrial Revolution!”, and the changes made to it as an excuse to talk about those topics. This will also give me the opportunity to show the evolution of the game, and how different (and worst) it was in the beginning.

Hopefully you will find it interesting and we can chat in the comments about those topics.

This was just an introductory post in this series, and the next one will be the first one to have content. I’m planning to start the blog in the same way I start to design a new game: Explaining how I write the rulebook even before the first test of the game, as a part of the design process.

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